A robust school library program encourages and sustains 21st Century learners. Schools that support the library program recognize that:
  • Students deserve equitable access to school library resources.
  • Library standards provide blueprints for strong school libraries.
  • Strong school libraries build strong students, who are life-long learners.
This tutorial provides a template for developing a vibrant public awareness campaign. It infuses non-librarian spokespersons or "Best Sellers" with the knowledge and tools to promote strong school libraries. This is a grassroots strategy designed to assist you in promoting your own local school and/or other libraries, using common messages and vocabulary, thus promoting strong school libraries for all students. Keep reading!

Strong school libraries don't happen overnight. They are built by teaching literacy skills, year after year. Vital programs are numerous and visible to the school community. Activities that enhance student learning are marketed in a variety of ways to multiple audiences.

A strong school library program is the cornerstone of a healthy school. School libraries require buy-in from administrators, programs based on state standards, enactment of state and national literacy standards, high visibility, and strong, committed advocates. This tutorial provides a blueprint for teacher librarians to develop "Best Sellers" for their own library program and for the profession.

  1. "Best Sellers" Campaign for Strong School Libraries - Q&A
  2. Why School Libraries? Top 5 Reasons
  3. What is a Strong School Library? - spell it out!
Identifying and Inviting "Best Sellers"
  1. Who do you know?
  2. How do you invite? CLICK HERE for special THANK YOU NOTE and more!
  3. Sharing the good news. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER your "Best Sellers".

  1. Keep your "Best Sellers" informed.
  2. Stay on Message

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